Adrak Murabba
₹ : 210.00
In winter, you drink ginger tea to cure cold and cold, sore throat, now try eating ginger jam too. ..
Amla Murabba
₹ : 170.00
Amla Murabba is made including the contribution of sweet of Amla. It is also a rich source of vita..
Apple Murabba
₹ : 190.00
Apple apples are winter fruits; the best way to preserve its natural goodness is to process it into..
Bamboo Murabba
₹ : 190.00
Bamboo Murabba is very sweet and is prepared in such a way that it lasts a good flavour to our..
Gajar Murabba
₹ : 160.00
GAJAR KA MURABBA is an Ayurveda medicine and Indian recipe used as an eye tonic and for the treatme..
Ganna Murabba
₹ : 160.00
Ganna murabba indication. Useful in intestinal problem constipation gastric discomfort disease ins..
Gulkand Murabba
₹ : 240.00
Gulkand is believed to have natural cooling properties, hence is quite useful in reducing all heat-..
Harre Murabba
₹ : 160.00
Due to its laxative properties, it cures constipation. It is an antioxidant that improves body imm..
Wood Apple (Bael) Murabba
Bel Murabba, also called belgiri (bael) murabba, is an ayurvedic and Unani medicine and Indian..
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